About Vince

TL;DR: I am a Jack of all Trades Extraordinaire! And... Married to a wonderful Librarian

Being a Jack of All Trades there are a lot of things that I'm good and interested in....

  • I love fitness from working out to triathlons to martial arts.
  • I absolutely love to build things! I have rebuilt car engines, remodeled bathrooms, built decks, and many other things including several costumes.
  • HUGE Star Wars fan, and costumer...(did I mention I build costumes?)
  • I am also a Multi-Talented Software Developer and rocket engineer. I have done a lot of Satellite dynamics algorthm coding, but absolutely love front end development. Several years ago I was given the oppotunity to lead a front end team and haven't looked back!

Currently Reading


I love Cosplay, and costumed themed parties. It is a fun hobby...I think I could have really made a career out of prop building! It is so much fun and there is always another costume to build! More recently, cosplay has become more than dressing up as my favorite characters, as a member of the 501st legion, it's about bringing joy and raising money for charity.

From Article I of the 501st Legion Charter:
"...The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work..."



Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
(Male Version)

Star Wars Night

Director Krennic
at AVS Star Wars Night

The Last Jedi Executioner

My next costume!
(First Order Executioner)

Martial Arts

I regularly practice martial arts, specifically Traditional Ju Jitsu, at Yama Arashi Ryu which translates to Mountain Storm School. An interesting side note about our school's name is that there is a Judo throw called Yama Arashi!

Yama Arashi Throw

You have to come up and grab the gi high at the neck and block with your outer leg as he goes over. It's a tough throw to pull off, and a LONG way down when you are taking it!

Cobra Kai!

"Sweep the leg! Gotta problem with that!?"

Cosplay at the Dojo :)

Promotion Night

Personal Projects

There's always project or next thing for me to build. I love working with my hands and creating things. There is something really satisfying building something from scratch with your hands. Sometimes I think we miss out on this deep satisfaction sitting at a desk all day.


Remodeling has become a hobby of mine. I've combined rooms, built decks, and remodeled three bathrooms.
One of which was down to the studs and joists. This one was our basement half bath. The vertical mosaic was fun to grout...;)

Mame Build

I love classic 80s arcade games, so I built my own arcade with all my favorites.
This machine is Superman themed... and so name SuperMame


I actually like to sew!
I acquired my grandmother's 1955 Singer...it's made of Iron!
I've wanted my own Star Wars Sheets, but they don't make them in Cal King size... so I sewed my own!